bannerHelp our Wounded Royal Marines and Supporting Arms are registered under the Charity Commission Registered Charity Number 1150893. HOWRM & SA was originally formed on the 4th March 2010 as Help Our Wounded Royal Marines because of the number of seriously injured Royal Marines returning from operational tours in Afghanistan Iraq and other areas of armed conflict. Help our Wounded Royal Marines and Sup-porting Arms is a community based effort seeking to help support wounded Royal Marines, Armed Forces that support the Royal Marines and their families. HOWRM & SA will also be helping the Royal Marines Charities meet it’s target of raising £6M by the 350th anniversary of the Corps in October 2014. A Campaign Board has been established to coordinate the Corps Family effort working towards this testing target and Help our Wounded Royal Marines and Supporting Arms is represented on that board.


The beneficiaries of Help Our Wounded Royal Marines and Supporting Arms, are serving and re red Royal Marines, Armed Forces associated with the Royal Marines and their dependents and it strives to support three main areas of activity.

1. The Recovery Pathway – helping the wounded and injured make as complete a recovery as possible and assisting those having to leave the service to transition successfully back into civilian life.

2. The Through Life Pathway – supporting those who have severed their formal links with the service and have fallen on hard times; the major service charities believe that they have a tsunami of need building up in about 10 years me and demand is already increasing.

3. Sadly, when funds allow we may also provides immediate death grants to the next of kin of those who die while serving.

Because of our name, Help Our Wounded’s first priority is to support the wounded and their families in any way we can with fundraising events around the UK and other countries world wide. All money donated will go to support those who need help. In particularly those of our most seriously injured when they begin their return to civilian life.


With immediate effect, Help our Wounded Royal Marines and Supporting Arms will be using a new set of rules for establishing events and monitoring income and expenditure. The intention is to bring our activities in line with good fundraising practice in the face of the increasing number of events being proposed. HOWRM & SA will operate under similar rules to the Royal Marines Charity.

The Golden Rule

Anyone organizing an event must ensure that every donor knows the money raised is going towards Help our Wounded Royal Marines and Supporting Arms who have been wounded or injured, from any era and their families, and that all money will be collected, accounted for and distributed by HOWRM & SA.

How to Register an Event

Any member wishing to run an event must seek approval from one of our trustees via a PM on Facebook and provide an event name. No event will be registered without a date, me, and place and the confirmed contact details for the organised. Events will also need to conform to Royal Marines branding and licensing guidelines.

Only once it has completed the approval process the event be entered on the HOWRM & SA Events Page, this may take some me so please plan ahead.

Running the event

Please encourage your team to register the event under Help Our Wounded Royal Marines and Supporting Arms, Charity Number 1150893 Justgiving page for Online Dona ons. You must not use any other online system, as such payments cannot be identified as generated by your event. Much the simplest way is to seek advice from any member of the Admin Team on Facebook in helping you set up the page so that all donations received will be credited to your event with Gi Aid where appropriate.

Finally, do avoid competition with other Royal Marines charities. If someone is doing what you are doing, then please think again!

After the event

You may find it preferable to open a bank account in the event name to hold money. Once you have collected and all the donations are in, you must register the amount raised with one of the trustees or your nearest Admin member and send a cheque made payable to Help Our Wounded with a letter explaining the event and the amount raised.

You can send the money by either BACS or Cheque (cheques MUST be made payable to Help Our Wounded). The address is:
Help Our Wounded
20 Homewood Avenue
Kent ME10 1XL